With the winter season in full swing, you may find your thoughts wandering to your furnace, then to your house and its heating efficiency. How effectively is your home being heated? Are there things you could do to reduce your heating costs without sacrificing comfort and warmth? Is there anything that could be done to improve the efficiency of your furnace? If you’ve had these questions run through your mind, you’re not alone! Fortunately, we have some great ideas that will help you save money on your heating bills not just for this winter, but into next winter, too:

1) Don’t neglect your furnace all year long, then expect it to work at its best. Our technicians should be coming out to perform routine maintenance on your furnace at least once each year (preferably before the winter). Keeping your furnace in top shape and making sure it is working properly can reduce the amount of energy it uses by up to 10%. We will ensure that everything is in order and if something is amiss, we’ll bring it to your attention. Keeping our expert eyes on your furnace through the years can help you avoid emergency heating repair in Solano down the road.

2) Consider installing a programmable thermostat. If you already have one, schedule a time to have us come out and make sure programming is set up correctly and all is well. These thermostats allow you to set varying temperatures for different times of the day and week so that it will manage your home’s comfort without you having to get up and manually change it all the time. This optimizes energy efficiency and saves you money – up to $200 per year on heating bills!

3) Check your insulation situation. The stuff doesn’t last forever! Take a look in your attic, your basement walls, and around your ducts – if it’s missing, looks thin, or is torn up, give A-1 Guaranteed a call. Insulation is one of the biggest influences on the heating efficiency of a home, so you’ll want to give your home every advantage and every opportunity to help cut your heating costs. While many people opt for loose-fill insulation due to its ease of use and relative affordability, there are other options available that might suit your home better. We can help!

4) Stop those drafts as soon as you discover them. Take a few moments and run your hand along your doors and windows, and check around your chimney and pipes, too – do you feel any cold air leaks? You might be surprised how hard a furnace has to work to make up for that cold air that sneaks into our homes! Call on our experts in heating repair in Solano to help you seal up these problem areas. Sealing out leaks and drafts can save you hundreds of dollars per year on your utility bills!

5) Have A-1 Guaranteed perform an energy audit on your home. We’ll find the trouble spots and any issues that may be compromising the ability of your furnace to efficiently heat your home. In addition, we’ll make recommendations and offer affordable solutions to improve the comfort of your home. Contact our professionals today for all your heating and cooling needs and keep more of your hard-earned money in your pockets by calling us today!


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