Learn About One Customer’s Experience with Going Solar

Here at A-1 Guaranteed Heating & Air, Inc., one of our recent customers, Mrs. Davis of Vallejo, CA, decided to make her home a NetZero home, utilizing multiple Energy Saving products to help cut down her home’s electricity costs. One of the improvements was having solar installed on her roof in addition to more efficient HVAC units. She runs a busy household where the demand for electricity is always high. When the project was complete, we were delighted to hear that Mrs. Davis thoroughly enjoyed her experience with A-1 Guaranteed. She left us a glowing review in hopes that other homeowners would learn from her experience and make the decision to have their home generate its own power too! Read the customer testimonial from Mrs. Davis to learn more about how solar energy and a more efficient home has made a positive impact on her family’s life.


I’m writing this letter to hopefully ease people into the decision to leap onto the solar/energy efficient bandwagon.

The process may seem a tad scary at first and you may wonder if it’s really worth it or how does it actually work or when will I see the savings? At this point I have already saved money depending on the way you look at it. My PG&E bill is nonexistent now and I don’t have to keep yelling at everyone to turn off the lights or not heat the hot tub.

I love being able to actually use my appliances and not worry about what it’s going to cost me when the bill comes. With 3 boys and all of the gaming and televisions being run as well as being a stay at home mom using everything the entire day I’m sure you could imagine how high my bill could get. With my old heating and air I had 1 thermostat that had to be at 68 and running from early morning til late at night.. the back of the house with the bedrooms are like Alaska while the front of the house was barely tolerable. Same went for the heater… freezing cold at the front of the house and I swear you were visiting hades in the back of the house.

Our house now has 2 thermostats with the back of the house set to 76 degrees (air) and the front on 74 degrees (air). With it being cold these last few days the back of the house is set to 72 (heat) and the front at 70! (heat). Not to mention the change in the sound alone… can you say quite as a mouse… yup! And that’s while the units are running.. no loud airplane noise when the unit turns on anymore! Win! And I’m pretty sure that the 2 units I have now put together are smaller than that big clunky beast of a thing that we used to have.

I went with A-1 Guaranteed Heating and Air, Inc because they did EVERYTHING from start to finish, took the guesswork out of everything for me. Richard’s employees were always pleasant and made sure I knew who was coming over and when things would be completed. If you’re worried about taking that huge leap, don’t be! Just get a quote and see where it goes. I’m certain you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t believe me the proof is in the pudding… take a gander at my old PG&E bill to the most recent one…



Mrs. Davis”

Customer satisfaction is always our number-one priority at A-1 Guaranteed. We were thrilled to be able to help Mrs. Davis secure a more energy efficient future for her and her family. Solar panels are a cost-effective way for homeowners to establish their energy independence, without having to worry about how much their electricity provider will charge them month-to- month.

If you’re interested in adding solar panels to your home and/or making your own home more energy efficient, contact the professionals at A-1 Guaranteed for more information.