Breathe Easier This Winter and Protect Your Guests from COVID-19

Winter is upon us and we’re all getting used to spending more time indoors. 2020 hasn’t been business as usual, and winter won’t be any different. The coronavirus continues to spread across the U.S. just in time for the holidays. Instead of traveling to see your relatives and loved ones, many of us are staying put this winter season. Regardless of how you plan on celebrating, your home will likely become your first and last line of defense against the virus. Use these tips to protect yourself and your loved ones from the spread of germs and disease-ridden bacterial.

Clean Up

Most of us prepare for the holidays by shopping, cooking, and cleaning, but the latter is really the most important this season. Preparing your home isn’t just about making the right impression; it’s about improving the air quality and protecting your loved ones from COVID-19.

Wipe down common surfaces and touch points to limit the spread of bacteria. This is the year to break out the vacuum cleaner, especially if you have loved ones with respiratory problems. Get rid of hard-to-reach dirt, dust, and other debris that might be lying around to purify the air. Spend time cleaning out and around the various duct and vents in your home. These items don’t usually get the attention they deserve but should be cleaned on a regular basis.

Depending on your HVAC system, these particles will continue to hover throughout your home unless you remove them manually. With the windows and doors closed, you may notice it’s more difficult to breathe if you have a lot of dust lying around.

Change Your Air Filter

Change out your HVAC air filter before your guests arrive as an additional precaution. Today’s heating systems are designed to remove harmful particles out of the air, including those that can lead to the spread of the coronavirus. If you haven’t changed your filter in a while, dust and dirt will start to clog the system as more particles pass spread throughout your home.

Use caution when changing out the air filter. You should never touch it with your bare hands. Use latex gloves when handling the filter to reduce the spread of germs.

If you don’t feel comfortable changing out the filter yourself, you can always hire a professional to do the job. They can also inspect your overall HVAC system, including the ducts and vents, to make sure it’s working properly. At A-1 Guaranteed, we always adhere to the latest safety requirements before entering your home for a service appointment.

Consider Separate Dining Rooms

If someone at the party is feeling under the weather or has tested positive for COVID-19, they should stay at home and avoid seeing other people until they test negative. But verifying the health status of all your guests may be a challenge. If someone in your household tests positive, hosting a dinner may be next to impossible.

As a last resort, consider setting up a separate dining area for one or two of your guests depending on their health status. Those in quarantine should still be able to enjoy a delicious meal. Prepare their meals separately and keep them in a separate room in the house, so your guests don’t have to use the same sink, refrigerator, or bathroom. Cover the vents or ducts in the separate eating area to make sure you are not sharing the same air with these individuals. Have your guests wear face masks and maintain a safe social distance during the festivities.

You can still have a great time as a family even if you can’t eat in the same room.
Stay safe this holiday season with these hosting tips. Contact the professionals at A-1 Guaranteed for more HVAC information.