The Family-Run Business Was Featured in the Paper’s Business Spotlight Section

Vallejo, CA: A-1 Guaranteed was recently featured in the Business Spotlight section of the Daily Republic, a local newspaper in Solano County, CA. The paper touches on a range of issues and stories happening in the community, including weather, traffic, local events, entertainment news, and sports. The paper recently started turning the spotlight on local businesses in the community. In March, A-1 Guaranteed was featured. The piece highlighted the history of the company, focusing on Richard and Krissy Hiteshew and why they decided to open their own HVAC business back in 1996.

As the piece describes, Richard Hiteshew was working for another company back in 1996, but when he couldn’t get time off for his daughter’s birthday, he decided to do things on his own terms. 23 years later, A-1 Guaranteed is one of the most successful HVAC companies in the area, offering HVAC repair, maintenance, solar heater installation, and air quality services. The couple’s four children are now grown and three of them work for the family business, which now has 34 total employees. Hiteshew is quoted in the piece, “I have been able to spend my whole life with my wife at my side and my children with me. It has been a real blessing.”

The piece also talks about how Hiteshew prefers to look at the entire house, not just the client’s HVAC system. This allows him to treat heating and cooling problems at their source, helping his customers save money. With a focus on comprehensive HVAC solutions and great customer service, the company continues to expand year after year. For more information about this news story and the history of A-1 Guaranteed, please contact Krissy at