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A-1 Guaranteed is a family-owned and operated business that serves HVAC and Solar Services Serving All Of Solano, Napa and Contra Costa Counties, Fairfield, Vacaville, and the Bay Area with Heating and Air Conditioning, Solar, Tankless Water Heaters, Windows, Insulation and/ or Duct Replacement needs. As one of the premier service businesses in the area, we have helped thousands of satisfied, loyal customers improve the energy efficiency of their homes and offices.

We are available Monday through Friday and by appointment on Saturday. Our fast and efficient attention to your needs will prove our dedication to our customers is the foundation of our business. Our professional staff is knowledgeable and looks after your best interests when it comes to your environmental comfort needs. We are an Energy Upgrade CA participating contractor. We are honored that our customers consider us #1 in providing trustworthy service and dependable comfort.

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  • Voted best heating/cooling company for 16 years
  • Voted Best of The Bay for 5 years of KRON 4 TV
  • Commercial and Residential Installation
  • Angie’s List Super Service Award for 4 Years
  • Energy Upgrade Participating Contractor
  • Factory Trained Installers and Techs
  • Drug-free Environment Enforced and Maintained
  • Better Business Bureau Honor Roll 24 Years
  • Diamond Certified Company
  • North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified
  • Bay Area Certified Green Business
  • All employees fully background checked for your safety
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Do You Need to Replace Your Thermostat?

There is no better time to upgrade your thermostat than right now. The advancements in technology with home comfort require that homeowners follow suit and keep up by installing the latest state-of-the-art devices.

Your thermostat is a critical component of your heating and cooling system. If you’ve had the same thermostat for several years, you could be missing out on convenient, money-saving features without even realizing it.

Heating and Cooling in Vallejo, CA

Whether you’re running your air conditioner or your furnace, it’s your thermostat that regulates when your HVAC system kicks on and off. Replacing your thermostat is an excellent way to make sure your home is always comfortable, and you’ll save money on your energy bills, too.

Even if you think your thermostat is working properly, it may not be. Following are some clues to look for that may signal that it’s time to replace your thermostat:

You Might Need a New Thermostat If…

Your Air Conditioner was Replaced, but Not Your Thermostat

Any time you replace your air conditioner (or furnace, for that matter), your thermostat should also be replaced. This ensures that the entire system will be paired as entirely new, resulting in peak efficiency and operation.

Pairing an old thermostat with a new air conditioner or furnace can actually ruin the efficiency of your system, negating much of the benefit of a new A/C or furnace. Modern thermostats work to optimize both the efficiency and the comfort of your home.

Your Furnace or A/C Keeps Turning Off or On

When a system keeps turning on and off constantly, it’s called short cycling. This is not only bad for the system, but also for your home. Short cycling causes an immense amount of premature wear and tear on your system, which will struggle to maintain your home’s temperature. The primary function of the thermostat is to send signals to your furnace and air conditioner for proper operation.

If the thermostat isn’t working properly, it can send signals to the system to turn on even though it’s not needed. Then, almost immediately, it senses the temperature has reached the desired setting and sends a signal to your HVAC to shut right back off again. If you notice this happening, start your troubleshooting by replacing the thermostat.

Your Energy Bills are Suspiciously High

Just about everyone looks for ways to lower their energy bills. When there’s a problem with your thermostat, nothing you do will make the difference you’re looking for until you change that thermostat. When you notice that your energy bills are higher than normal, the first thing to look to is the thermostat.

Usually, a thermostat that isn’t working correctly will cause your HVAC system to work harder than it should be. It will often cause the short cycling issue described above. The more your system cycles each hour, the more power it uses, and the higher your energy bills will be.

You Notice Constant Temperature Shifts

A faulty thermostat is going to have a hard time maintaining the settings you require, and can even mysteriously shift the temperature settings on its own without warning. You can test for the presence of this issue by lowering the settings for a while and seeing what happens. If you still notice a wide range of variations in your home’s temperature, you’ll need to replace that thermostat.

HVAC Service in Contra Costa and Napa Counties

If you suspect that your thermostat may need to be replaced, call on the leading HVAC company in the Bay Area to get the job done right. A-1 Guaranteed Heating & Air, Inc. serves customers in Fairfield, Solano, Vacaville, Napa and Contra Costa counties, and the Bay Area.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get a new thermostat installed for your HVAC system.

3 Myths about Electrification in California

There’s a lot of talk right now about electrification, which is the process of replacing technologies that use fossil fuels with ones that use electricity. Americans generate 600 million tons of carbon dioxide each year as 70 million homes and businesses burn oil, propane, and gas for heating spaces.

There are two main types of electricity: static, which is generated by friction, and current electricity, which is generated by the flow of an electrical conductor or charge.

The process of electrification may seem like a tall order, and it is. However, it’s easier than you might think and well worth the effort. There are many benefits to consumers, three of which include lowering energy prices, reducing the environmental impact on the energy grid, and increasing the reliability of the grid.

That said, there are a lot of myths and misinformation regarding the process of electrification. Here are three of the biggest ones:

1.   Electrification in California is too Expensive

The four key technologies of electrification are wind, electrolyzers, solar, and batteries. Going with wind and solar is already cheaper than all of the fossil fuel alternatives out there. Costs will keep decreasing as growth continues, too. In addition, building fossil fuel homes is more expensive than building all-electric homes.

When these energies were first deployed, costs were grossly overestimated because experts incorrectly assumed linear growth. However, these energies have grown at 25%-45% each year for the past 20 years at an exponential, not linear rate.

2.   Financial Markets will Crash when We Leave Fossil Fuels

It’s true that there is a lot of money ingrained in fossil fuels. It’s estimated that 25% of equity markets are invested in fossil fuel producers. The good news is that we’ve likely already hit the fossil fuel peak for demand

Financial markets are already beginning to revise their risk models and no longer predicting ever-rising fossil fuel demand.

3.   Intermittency is and will be a Big Problem

By design, the four technologies are complementary and together, will solve intermittency issues. Green hydrogen will enable short and long energy storage duration and batteries will offset periods of low renewable generation.

In addition, as the cost of the four technologies decreases, more technologies will be built, improving the reliability of the grid.

Electrification is a key part of reducing emissions and improving the climate change crisis. It creates healthier living environments, and it’s cheaper to build all-electric homes than to build fossil fuel-using homes.

Creating Healthy Living Environments

The air indoors, where people spend up to 90% of their time, is often more polluted than outdoor air. In addition, homes that have gas stoves in them have concentrations of nitrogen dioxide that are 50% to 400% higher than homes that contain electric stoves.

In addition, other pollutants in homes with gas appliances can cause adverse health effects. These pollutants include particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. Respiratory conditions like allergies and asthma are exacerbated in these homes. Children living in homes with gas appliances are 42% more likely to suffer from asthma symptoms than kids who live in homes with electric appliances.

Contact A-1 Guaranteed Heating & Air, Inc. for Green Energy Solar Energy Services

Improving the energy efficiency of your home by integrating solar power is a great way to decrease your carbon footprint. You’ll be in compliance with the recent legal changes phasing out fossil fuels. We can also perform an air quality audit of your home and provide solutions to improve the quality of the air within it.

Contact A-1 Guaranteed Heating & Air, Inc. today for a no-obligation quote for solar power installation in Solano. We also serve customers in Napa, Contra Costa, Vallejo, and all surrounding areas.

Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality During the Winter

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside our homes and within other buildings can be more polluted than the air that fills the dirtiest, busiest, most polluted industrial cities in the world. Not only that, but research also indicates that lately, people spend about 90% of their time indoors.

For these reasons, the health risks that poor air quality brings to many people can be serious. This is especially true regarding the elderly, the chronically ill, young children, and anyone who suffers from cardiovascular disease or respiratory ailments.

Understanding Causes of Indoor Air Quality Problems

Appliances and devices like outdated, unmaintained, or malfunctioning HVAC systems that release particles or gases into the air are the biggest causes of indoor air quality problems in peoples’ homes. Having inadequate ventilation throughout the home can make it worse. If the air inside is humid or hot, the concentration of pollutants increases.

Some of the most common causes of indoor air pollution include:

  • Household products
  • Improperly adjusted HVAC systems and appliances
  • Smoking
  • Building materials and furnishings
  • Pet dander

Combustion sources also contribute to indoor air pollution. These include:

  • Kerosene
  • Gas
  • Coal
  • Wood
  • Tobacco products
  • Radon
  • Pesticides
  • Humidification devices
  • Asbestos insulation
  • Damp carpet
  • Furniture made of pressed wood

The health effects from indoor air pollution can be experienced upon exposure or even years later.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality this Winter

The first step in improving the air quality in your home is to identify the main causes of such issues. The presence of any of the above causes of indoor air pollution does not in itself guarantee that you have an indoor air quality problem. However, any ill effects people experience may very well be.

Think about Your Lifestyle and Activities

Another way to identify potential air quality problems is to consider your activities and lifestyle. Do you smoke indoors? Do you own any pets? Do you cook often in the home? The EPA suggests that the most effective way to improve indoor air quality is to control the sources. Always operate stoves with a fan vented to the outdoors if possible, and with wood-burning stoves and other combustion sources, always follow manufacturer instructions exactly.

Improve Your Ventilation

In addition, you’ll need to look for problems with your home’s ventilation. Some signs that may indicate ventilation issues include:

  • Stuffy or smelly air
  • Dirty HVAC equipment
  • Mold in areas where books or shoes are kept
  • Condensation on walls or windows

It’s recommended that you weatherize your home in order to reduce the need to run your HVAC and ventilation systems. Weatherizing your home doesn’t add new pollutants to the air. Adding insulation, weather stripping, and caulking, along with installing storm windows, can make a big difference.

Weatherizing your home can not only decrease your furnace usage but also save you money on your energy bills and reduce polluted air that may otherwise enter the home. Adding a fan that vents to the outdoors over your range will decrease pollutants from cooking. You can also use a dehumidifier in moisture-rich areas.

Have an Air Cleaning System Installed

Having home comfort experts come to your home and perform an air quality audit will reveal sources of pollution, identify pollutants, and help you understand what steps you can take to reduce allergens, dander, and other pollutants.

This is especially important if you or someone in the household suffers from asthma, allergies, COPD, or any other breathing ailment. A-1 Guaranteed can install a new air cleaning system for your home. These systems are able to remove up to 99.98% of all airborne allergens indoors! Contact A-1 Guaranteed and schedule a time to learn more about air cleaning systems and how we can help you breathe easier.

A-1 Guaranteed Announced as “Neighborhood Favorite” Winner

A-1 Guaranteed Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., the leader in providing HVAC and solar services throughout Solano, Napa, and Contra Costa counties, earned yet another award to add to its long list. The popular app “Nextdoor” recently announced the winners of its “Neighborhood Favorite” campaign, and A-1 Guaranteed was one of them.

About the Neighborhood Favorite Award

The winners of the campaign were determined by the number of recommendations and “likes” they earned between June 2020 and July 2021. Only 2% of all businesses that are on the Nextdoor app earn the award, which is the only local business award campaign voted on by neighbors.

There were 25 categories for businesses this year, some of which included:

  • Favorite Family-Friendly Restaurant
  • Favorite Pizza Place
  • Favorite Hardware Store
  • Favorite Nail Salon
  • Favorite Professional Service Provide
  • Favorite Home Service Provider
  • Favorite Clothing or Gift Store
  • And 18 others!

Winners, on average, have 3x the number of business page views, 4x the number of “saves” on their local deals, and 30x the number of recommendations on their business page compared to other businesses.

Businesses that are engaged on the Nextdoor app grow their local presence and stay top of mind with customers who are in need of services they provide. Connections are created while businesses interact with customers and strengthen relationships.

About A-1 Guaranteed

A-1 Guaranteed has been voted the Bay Area’s best heating and cooling company for the past 16 years, earning numerous awards and accolades for unwavering customer service and outstanding service to the surrounding community. In addition, the company has been voted Best of the Bay for five years from KRON 4 TV and has won the Angie’s List Super Service Award for four years.

The team offers installation, repair, maintenance, and service to commercial and residential customers, and is comprised of factory-trained techs and installers. If you’re looking for a Diamond Certified Company that has been on the Better Business Bureau’s Honor Roll for 24 years, you’ve found it.

A-1 Guaranteed is a Bay Area Certified Green Business and is North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified, as well.

A-1 Guaranteed Services

A-1 Guaranteed team offers home comfort solutions that range from air quality audits and hot water heater service to HVAC installation, repair, and more. The HVAC company also provides services like:

  • Tune-ups
  • Solar energy services
  • Air conditioning repair and maintenance
  • Tankless water heater installation and repair
  • Furnace repair and replacement
  • And dozens of others

A-1 Guaranteed offers a 100% money-back guarantee, financing options, and service specials. They serve customers in Solano, Napa, all of Contra Costa County, and throughout all surrounding areas.

About Nextdoor

Nextdoor is an app that brings communities together to exchange recommendations, support each other and local businesses, and get updates on community happenings from public agencies.

Users enjoy access to relevant information that pertains to neighbors, local businesses, and other entities. Touted as “the only way to instantly connect to the people, businesses, and happenings near your home,” the app gives everyone a secure environment in which they can interact. Every user on the app is verified. You can sign up for Nextdoor today.

Trust A-1 Guaranteed for Solar, HVAC, and Air Quality Services

A-1 Guaranteed is a family-owned and operated company with a mission to help improve the lives of everyone living in the surrounding communities. Help from this Energy Upgrade CA participating contractor is just a phone call away Monday through Friday and by appointment on Saturday. Emergency HVAC service is also available 24/7.

Contact A-1 Guaranteed for your Bay Area home comfort needs.

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