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Could Your Home’s HVAC in Contra Costa be Making You Sick?

There is often plenty of media discussion regarding the quality of our outdoor air, but little is addressed that has to do with the quality of the air inside our homes. In fact, according to a recent survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, only nine percent of people in the United States consider indoor air quality to be a threat to their health.

The harsh reality, however, is that indoor air quality is likely more of a threat to your health than that of the great outdoors. This is mainly because people spend so much time in their homes, especially during cold months and extremely hot months. Compromised air quality in your home can easily trigger more severe symptoms of allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses – even coronavirus and influenza.

Signs Your Solano HVAC System may be Making You Sick

If you’re not sure whether your indoor air is contributing to symptoms of illnesses, ask yourself:

  • Do you feel better when you’re not at home?
  • Do you notice that your home always seems dusty?
  • Do you often feel sluggish at home?
  • Are you frequently coughing or sneezing at home?
  • Do you notice a stale or musty smell when your HVAC turns on?
  • Do you suffer from frequent headaches, runny nose, or sore throat at home?

You may want to keep notes and document when you feel any of the above symptoms. In doing so, if you realize that you often have a cough at home but not at work, it could be a sign that your HVAC system is circulating contaminated air throughout your home.

What to Do if You Think Your Napa HVAC System is to Blame

More than anything else, preventative maintenance helps your system perform at its best for the longest time possible. Having our experts come out twice per year in the spring and fall will ensure that there are no hidden problems with your system – problems which, if not corrected right away, could cause several expensive issues for you. From poor indoor air quality to inefficient performance to premature breakdowns, issues that arise from a failure to keep your unit properly maintained always end up costing the homeowner more money – and more misery – in the long run.

A-1 Guaranteed experts can help you with everything from finding the best filters for your system to emergency HVAC repairs in Solano and the surrounding areas. A system that circulates contaminated air throughout your home can bring about significant issues by taking mold, bacteria, viruses, dust, and dirt out of your indoor air, only to blow it back through your home.

If you suspect that your system needs a maintenance check-up or you feel like you’re always sick at home, contact us right away and let us help you get to the root of the issue so you can remedy your symptoms and breathe healthier, cleaner air in your home year round.

The Importance of Clean Indoor Air During Allergy Season and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Seasonal allergies in Napa, the flu, and the coronavirus share some common symptoms, and it can sometimes be difficult to tell which condition is causing sneezing, coughing, and other disruptive symptoms – it’s also difficult to know how to reduce your chances of suffering from those symptoms.

As of late, many people are worried that every single symptom they have could point to the flu or the coronavirus. Regardless of which malady is actually causing your discomfort, clean indoor air in Contra Costa is crucial to alleviating discomfort and diminishing your chances of falling ill to viral and bacterial infections.

Spring is the season for triggers of seasonal allergies, and symptoms can make it difficult to tell what your immune system is trying to ward off. If you find your nose running and itchy during the spring or fall, and it happens to you every year, it’s a good bet that seasonal allergies are the culprit. If it’s the middle of winter and influenza is running through your community, it’s a fair bet to assume that may be causing your symptoms. Although flu-like symptoms in warming weather may point to coronavirus, keep in mind that influenza is far more widespread. While seasonal allergy symptoms begin with your eyes and nose, influenza and the coronavirus firstly affect your entire body, especially your respiratory tract.

Can Air Purifiers and HVAC Filters Get Rid of Coronavirus?

Air purifiers are great – a standard HEPA filter is capable of trapping 99% of the germs floating around in a home, which is excellent news for those with allergies and asthma. Unfortunately, viruses like COVID-19 are much smaller than most other viruses and bacteria, which makes them much more difficult to trap.

The Coronavirus is believed to be an airborne illness, and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers has offered resources to address the recent outbreak. Many manufacturers of HEPA filters are testing their products against coronavirus and so far, the results are overall promising. It’s important to keep in mind that while air purifiers and HVAC filters may be effective at reducing airborne pathogens like COVID-19 in the home, they do not kill the pathogens. Filters trap them, but the viruses won’t be killed – they will remain alive inside the filter for up to nine days.

The Key to Reducing Your Chances of Falling Ill to Coronavirus

Since COVID-19 is an airborne illness that can remain alive and active on surfaces for more than a week, it’s critical that your indoor air is run through your HVAC filter on a regular basis to trap pathogens and get them out of the air. Be sure to change your filters often, too. Even though the virus can remain active within your filters and air purifiers, taking the virus out of your home’s air supply and halting the airborne exchange is vital to maintaining a healthy indoor environment. This is beneficial not just for those trying to keep influenza and coronavirus at bay, but also for those who suffer from seasonal environmental allergies.

Not every filter is suitable for every HVAC system, however, and you do not want to purchase a super-mega industrial filter for your system if your HVAC is not designed for it. If you install a filter that is too dense and “too effective” for your system, proper airflow will be disrupted, and you can cause some major, expensive damage to your furnace and/or air conditioner in Contra Costa.

If you need help choosing the best air filter to help reduce the amount of bacteria, allergens, viruses, and other pathogens in your indoor air, contact our heating and air experts in Solano today. Our Napa HVAC professionals can help you choose the best products to effectively clean your indoor air without posing a risk to the integrity of your heating and cooling system.

We can also perform indoor air quality checks and perform repairs and maintenance on your system as well to make sure your air stays at peak quality all season long. Contact us today to request an appointment with one of our professionals and stay healthy this year.

How to Get Rid of that Stubborn Musty Smell in Your Home

We’ve all experienced it upon walking into a building: that “old” smell – otherwise known as a strong, musty odor. There are several things that can cause this unmistakable smell, but the main culprits really are mold and mildew. Mustiness is a stubborn odor to get rid of, mainly because mold and mildew thrive so easily when conditions are ripe to do so.

So, how can you get rid of it?

The musty smell of mold and mildew can put up quite the fight and generally speaking, probably has had years to set in and settle into everything in a house. It gets into the carpet, drapes, furniture, and other fabrics in a home. It can even settle into your Contra Costa HVAC system’s filter. Mold and mildew release gasses, creating the mustiness that permeates everything.

Although it can be frustrating to pin down the source of the odor (which is due to moist, dark places providing harbor to molds and mildew), it’s vital that the source be found and removed. Once the mildew and mold are removed, however, that musty smell will linger, so you need to move to get rid of it. Here’s how:

Proper Cleaning: No Way Around It

Simply trying to dry out the area that the mold/mildew were living probably won’t be enough to eliminate the odor completely. Everything will need to be scrubbed with a good cleaning agent. This doesn’t mean you have to resort to strong chemicals or hazardous products to get the job done, though.

If you don’t want to fill the house with chlorine bleach and irritating fumes, try a mixture of:

  • Four parts water
  • Two parts hydrogen peroxide
  • One part boric acid
  • Two parts white vinegar

Scrub furniture, walls, and floors with it – but don’t saturate areas. Over-saturation will only exacerbate the problem, since mold and mildew need moisture to thrive. Wash all fabrics you can get your hands on, from towels to laundry to curtains to carpets. Throughout the entire process, be sure to provide adequate ventilation for rooms with open windows, the HVAC system, and fans.

Napa Heating and Cooling

One of the best ways to keep indoor moisture under control is with the house’s HVAC system. You’ll want to keep the air in the home moving as much as possible, even if you only run the house fan on the system.

For this reason, it’s important that you always keep the heating and air conditioning system in proper working order. When a home’s climate control system isn’t working efficiently or properly, it can affect much more than just a home’s temperature – it will affect its humidity levels, too (not to mention your energy bills)!

Let the Sun Help You Work

Mildew and mold love dark, moist spaces, so now that you know how to combat high moisture levels, you’ll want to fight back against the darkness. The best and cheapest way to do so is to open the curtains (and windows, if it’s pleasant outdoors) and let the sunshine in!

Get Help with the Indoor Climate

If you discover that your Contra Costa HVAC system isn’t working properly, or if it’s been more than a year since you’ve had preventive maintenance done on it, be sure to contact our heating and cooling experts at A-1 Guaranteed right away.

When you work hard to rid a home of that musty smell and the offending mold and mildew that causes it, you want to make sure your HVAC system is going to be able to efficiently do its part to help control the airflow and moisture levels in the home. Otherwise, you’ll be right back where you started before too long, noticing that smell and finding mildew and mold popping up again in all the usual places.

If you need help with the indoor climate control of your home, you need Solano HVAC repair, or you need maintenance for your heating and cooling in Napa, contact the pros at A-1 Guaranteed now and let us know how we can help you!

Pet Owners: Tips for Heating Your Home to Keep You and Your Pet Comfortable

Some pet owners struggle to balance Napa HVAC energy efficiency and keeping their pets comfortable. It can be a challenge for those of us with scaly, furry, or feathery family members at home. Fortunately, there are excellent and effective ways to create an indoor climate that is perfect for all who dwell inside – without killing your drive to be energy efficient along the way. These simple tips can help you achieve comfort as well as efficiency with your furnace this season for the sake of your pets (and you):


  1. Keep Your Pets Groomed

It’s important for furry pets to stay bathed and groomed to stay healthy and comfortable. There’s another plus to be gained with grooming too: it limits the amount of fur, dander, and hair in your indoor environment, helping your Solano heating and air conditioning system work at its best. Be sure to change your furnace filter regularly to improve your indoor air quality in addition to your system’s performance.


  1. Use a Programmable Thermostat

Although you may not be very comfortable with your thermostat set at 72 degrees during the winter, your furry family member will be. Keep this in mind when you leave the house; you don’t have to be afraid of setting your thermostat a little lower in the winter while you’re away. Your animals have that coat of fur for a reason, and it does a great job at keeping them warm at temperatures below what humans are normally comfortable in. With a programmable (or a smart) thermostat, you can set the temp and forget it, and save energy in the process.


  1. Consider Energy-Efficient Entrances

You might not think too often about the doggie door you have installed, but maybe it’s time you should. Even though these little entryways for pets can be useful, they are often costly when it comes to energy efficiency. Warm air from the inside seeps out easily, taking your money right with it. Your furnace then has to work harder and more often to replace that lost heated air. Shop for a model that has excellent air sealing properties. If you don’t want to or can’t replace the one you have, make sure to keep your current door caulked well around the seams.


  1. Leaky Windows Are(n’t) for the Birds

Many types of pet birds originate from tropical locations that are consistently very warm – this means your pet bird won’t appreciate being kept in a location that is near a leaky window or a drafty doorway. Instead of turning up your Contra Costa HVAC system to compensate for this, move your pet bird away from those drafty areas. Consider installing clear plastic insulation over windows and check exterior doors to see if foam insulation can help seal away drafts from the cold outdoors. This will ease the burden on your heating and cooling system, saving you money and extending your system’s life.


  1. Automatic Schedules for Reptiles

If you’re the proud owner of a snake, lizard, or other reptile, you should already know that these types of pets have unique lighting and heating needs. Purchase a timer from your local pet or hardware store to automatically turn on and off heat lamps and lights for your reptile’s home. Your reptilian pets will appreciate the prompt schedule, and you’ll appreciate the energy cost management that automation provides. There’s no need to turn up your heat just to provide your scaly pal with a comfortable environment. Doing so would cost you much more than purchasing a heat lamp timer would!


Be sure to keep your heating and air system regularly maintained by our HVAC experts in Solano, Napa, and Contra Costa. Keeping your system in good shape will reduce its operational costs and extend its longevity, allowing you to keep everyone in your home – especially your pets – comfortable for many years. Contact us today to schedule a maintenance visit for your HVAC in Contra Costa and the surrounding areas.

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