As a homeowner, at some point you’ll most likely need to make a decision regarding the windows in your home; you’ll need to decide whether to replace your old windows or repair them. The cost of both options needs to be a factor in your decision, of course, but it cannot be the only thing that influences your choice. Comfort, convenience, Energy Savings, and more have to also be considered in order to make the best decision for your home, your needs, and your budget. Following are these considerations in more detail:

  1. Convenience – If your current windows are difficult to open and close, there is condensation that is impeding the view through them, or they are inconvenient to operate in any other way, your windows have lost their convenience factor. Just how much inconvenience you suffer by keeping the windows (instead of opting for new ones) can really only be gauged by you – are these issues tolerable or are they no longer acceptable?
  2. Comfort – Part of the joy of good windows is staying comfortable in your home, whether it’s during the coldest winters or the hottest of summers. Old windows that have lost their integrity over time are common, especially with old single-pane windows. With problems like these, the only way to come to a true resolution is to have them replaced with new double pane windows. Your home may feel chilly in the winter, too warm in the summer, and your energy bills are way too costly. This comfort factor also is linked to the energy efficiency factor, described in more detail below:
  3. Energy Efficiency –   If your windows leave your home feeling chilly and dry in the winter and overheated and humid in the summer, the efficiency factor of those windows has – well, gone out the window!  This means the hard earned money you spend on your utility bills is also going out that window too.  Replacing old, single pane windows with ones that have double-pane glass can save on your utility bills by more than 20% alone.   Not only is the air from the outdoors kept out of your home better, but new windows will block much of the heat from direct sunlight; including harmful UV rays, while still allowing light to enter your home. Replacing windows can be critical because they also reduce drafts and condensation too. You’ll save money on your energy bills throughout the years, which will help the windows pay for themselves over time.
  4. Curb Appeal – Windows are a large factor in what passerby’s and visitors to your home see in regards to your home.  Replacing just the windows can upgrade the overall look of your home.    In addition to making your home more beautiful, they can also keep down the outside noises, and can minimize the amount of dust being leaked into your home, resulting in a cleaner environment and a less dusty home.

If your windows are difficult to operate, they no longer keep out the outdoor air, are rotting, sagging, or fogging up constantly, contact A-1 Guaranteed. We offer window installation, and can help you choose new windows that will be ideal for your home.  There may be rebates available for your purchase.  Contact A-1 Guaranteed for all your window needs!