Think Duct Tape Solves Everything? Think Again.

Arguably one of the most important parts of an HVAC system are the ducts, and yet the majority of homeowners disregard them for years. We need to take a look at the four different components of air ducts that affect the overall health of your HVAC system as well as your home: cleanliness, thermal efficiency, static pressure, and leakage.


A common misconception about ducts is if you can’t see it, it isn’t there – and we’re talking about dirt, dust, debris, and residue inside ducts. Sealing a dirty duct will not make the problem disappear; sealing it only prevents air leaks; it does not remove debris and dirt that could be harmful to people’s health. Another popular (but false) belief is that cleaning out old ducts is beneficial, but in reality, this is not necessary. Attempting to clean the duct will agitate the dirt, causing it to get into the air, which may lead to health problems. If you’re looking for services for your HVAC in Walnut Creek, keep in mind that new ducts are hypoallergenic and if they are properly installed, they will remain perfectly clean for the entire life of the system.

Thermal Efficiency

One of the most crucial factors that goes into ductwork is insulation thickness, or R-value. If you have a new duct system, it probably has high efficiency of R8, which is four times higher than the old ducts, which measure at R2 resistances. The newer ducts can be 100% more efficient than most old ducts! The thicker the insulation rating, the less hot or cool air you’ll lose as you run your system, saving energy and money.

Static Pressure

Static pressure is the measured amount of pressure that is inside your duct system. If the ducts are improperly installed or they are too small, excessive pressure will build up. This amount of pressure relates to the loss or gain of energy, which directly affects the lifespan of the system. The majority of systems tested have levels of static pressure that are double what they should be. If the pressure is higher than recommended, the fan inside of the system cannot get the desired airflow it needs, which will result in more energy trying to make up for the lost amount of airflow. This will decrease the life of your system drastically and increase your energy bills.


Air leaks are a major concern with duct systems, and it would seem to make sense to just seal those leaks to fix the problem. However, ducts that have been sealed still have a leakage rate of 15%, versus a leakage rate of just 6% for new ducts. That’s 55% more leakage! A-1 Guaranteed Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc, however; routinely seals ducts to obtain a leakage rate that is as low as 3% on new and replacement duct systems.

It is important to know when it is time for your ducts to be replaced. If it’s been a long time since new ones were installed in your home, contact us so we can determine the best course of action to get your duct system in top shape. Keeping ductwork in good order reduces energy consumption, reduces your energy bills, keeps the air in your home clean and healthy, and more. If you haven’t had your system checked by professionals in the past, you might have leakage, static pressure that is too high or too low, debris in the system or other issues you may not even realize are there.

Contact the experts of all things HVAC in Walnut Creek and the surrounding areas; get a hold of us today with any questions you might have regarding your ducts. We can help!!