Everyone knows that a home is inherently invaluable; a home is rich in memory and sentiment, and no realtor’s evaluation could put a sum on those assets. However, if one is looking to sell a home or simply to increase a home’s material value, there are various home upgrades that can make an out-of-date home shine as though it were brand new. Here are five top home upgrades for a great return on investment:



Attic Insulation – With an average project cost of approximately $1320 and a resale value of $1882, insulating an attic can be a no-brainer for those looking to moderate the temperature in their homes. It’s suggested that the insulation is done with fiberglass, as that material will recoup over 140% of what you spent on the home upgrade at resale.


Solar Installation – There’s no question that installing a solar panel system can seriously reduce your monthly energy bill, but what many homeowners don’t consider is what it can do for their resale value. A recent study of solar premiums found that adding solar panels to your home can increase your home value by up to 4 dollars per watt. That means if you install the average size home solar system (3,600 watts) to your roof, you could instantly be adding $16,000 to your home’s overall value.


Garage Door Replacement – This home upgrade is so simple that those who come across it often exclaim, “How did I not think of that?!” Homeowners often take their garage door and it’s simple service for granted, but replacing an aging or unappealing garage door can do wonders for a home’s resale value. Be sure to upgrade to stronger tracks and a door that doesn’t make a racket. This project costs approximately $3230 and provides a resale value of $3715 and a cost recoup of 115%.


Window Replacement – Homeowners know that replacing low-efficiency and older windows with well-insulated windows can positively impact their energy usage, but many don’t know that, at resale, this small change can recoup over 90% of the project cost. Upgrading to high-efficiency windows can be achieved in a minimum time frame, and can earn you incentive money through Energy Upgrade California. A-1 Guaranteed is an Energy California partner and can help you to find the most cost-efficient upgrade plan.


Entry Door Replacement – Trading in a heavy wood entry door for a lightweight fiberglass door with a dual-paned glass panel and lever lock can give a home an airy-modern feel and add to a home’s natural light. This project cost is usually around $3226 with a resale value of $3607 and a cost recoup of over 111%.


Upgrading a home to acquire greater material and aesthetic value is a task that many homeowners may put off because of cost but, ultimately, these simple projects will add incredible value and beauty to a home and to a homeowner’s pocket.




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