Ever walk into a room and feel a sudden blast of cold air? Uneven air balance not only makes the temperature in your home different from one room to the next, it can cost you more in home heating and cooling bills. So, what can you do to create a more balanced internal temperature and avoid hot and cold air pockets throughout the house? Here are a few tips on ways to maintain even heat transfer.


Check Your Windows

Windows not only allow in cool weather, they also let in hot weather from outside. When the temperature is warm, and the sun is beating in through a curtainless window, the room heats up quickly. Similarly, if it’s cold outside and you have no coverings on your windows or insulation is poor, cool air can creep in and make a room feel too cold.

Keep properly fitted blinds or curtains on all the windows in your home to moderate heat. If you find a room is too drafty try to seal the windows with plastic covers during the cold months to keep out excess cool air.


Tamper with Your Register Depending on The Weather

Heat rises to the top of your home, making rooms on the first floor and in the basement cooler than those on the second or third floor. You can change the way that the various levels of your home heat and cool by partially closing register doors. In the summer, opening the upper floor registers completely and partially closing lower floor levels will help air circulation. The same should be done in reverse during colder winter months.


Clean Your Filters Regularly

As air flows through the cooling system in your home, dust and other debris build up on the filters. Eventually, this build up makes it difficult for air to flow through freely, making it necessary to change or clean the filters for optimal use. Not only is the air flowing through your filters no longer clean, but blocked filters can cause overheating to your airflow system. Changing filters regularly extends the life of your furnace and HVAC system, and helps reduce costs on heating and cooling bills which could become outrageous due to the buildup.


Keep Vents Clear

It isn’t enough to make sure that all vent registers are in the open or closed position, you must also be certain they’re clear of debris and furniture. If your couch, bed, bookshelf or tv unit is in front of a vent, it will block the airflow, which could cause hot or cold pockets in rooms around your home. It can also become a safety hazard, particularly if any of these belongings are flammable.


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