Removing Mold and Must from Your Home

If you’ve noticed a musty smell in your home, spending time indoors might not sound too appealing. A musty smell is usually a sign of mold or mildew, which can be hazardous to your health, including respiratory diseases, throat irritation, stuffy eyes and nose, and even skin irritation. You should call a professional to help you find the root cause of the smell, so you can get your home smelling like normal as soon as possible. In the meantime, open plenty of windows so you and your family can breathe easier. Learn more about how to get rid of musty smells.

Step 1: Find the Source of the Problem

A musty smell is a good indication that you have some excess moisture around your home. This may be caused by a leak in your heating or plumbing system, problems with the foundation of your home, or a leak in your roof. Have a professional help you identify the source of the problem by looking for signs of water damage around your home. Once the source has been identified, you can start solving the problem and stopping the flow of moisture. Depending on the extent of the leak, this may include repairs to your home’s HVAC and plumbing systems or the foundation or roof of your home.

Step 2: Get Rid of Infected Material

Once you’ve located the leak source, you’ll need to get rid of everything that’s been infected, which may include drywall, carpet, clothes and other items that can absorb water. If these items and materials are covered in mold, they probably need to be thrown away. You can also start putting fans in the room, leaving the windows open and using some air freshener for some much-needed relief. Avoid spending time in confined areas where the mold has spread and remember to wear a face mask. Removing damaged items and repairing the leak is usually best left to the professionals.

Step 3: Treat and Deodorize Your Home

Finally, it’s time to deodorize your home, so you can get rid of that musty smell once and for all. An air quality professional will help you treat the infected areas, usually with special chemicals. Many treatment solutions usually include boric acid, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar. These ingredients are effective when it comes to killing and treating mold spores.

Many professionals will also use an electronic air cleaner to purify the air, helping you and your loved ones breathe easy as soon as possible. Musty smells can also linger in your home’s ductwork after a mold outbreak. At A-1 Guaranteed, we’ll also install deodorizers in your ductwork, completely eliminating these smells from your home. It’s also a good idea to setup UV lights around the infected area. These lights are designed to kill and control the germs found in mold, quickly disinfecting your home without damaging the interior.

Once you’ve treated and deodorized your home, you can start putting the space back together. You may need to re-carpet some areas, repair a patch of drywall, or buy some new clothes.

No one should have to live with musty smells. You and your loved ones deserve to breathe easy, especially when you’re hanging out in the comfort of your own home. Stop mold and mildew in their tracks and call the professionals at A-1 Guaranteed today for all things HVAC in Contra Costa.