The cold, dark days of winter are coming to an end. The days get longer, plants begin to bloom, and we slowly emerge from our homes to enjoy the warmer temperature.

But the changing seasons often bring about added responsibilities for homeowners. All that springtime sunshine only serves to accentuate the dirtied ground, the fallen leaves, and other maintenance issues that had previously been covered up by winter conditions.

Now that the winter’s ending, here are some quick tips to prepare your home for Spring.

First off, you may be in for some inclement weather ahead—it could be hot one day and cold the next—so it’s best to get your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems up to speed.

Schedule a tune-up: It’s during the winter months that we often put off our big projects, but now that spring has sprung, now is the perfect opportunity to hire a professional to look at your HVAC systems. You should have a licensed HVAC Contractor can take a look at your systems to diagnose problems that could lead to repairs down the road. The sooner you make an appointment, the less likely your air conditioning system will fail during the hot days of summer.

Replace your air filter: This is a simple and inexpensive step that anyone can do to ensure the long life of their heater or air conditioner. Air filters improve the quality of air that runs through your HVAC systems, and can be purchased at most home improvement stores. A well-maintained filter can decrease the risk of springtime allergens from entering your house and decrease breakdowns of your system.  This is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to prepare your home for spring.

Change your thermostat batteries:  Most thermostats actually have batteries in them.   Often homeowners are not aware of this fact.  Just as you change the batteries in your clock, you should also change these batteries.  Something as simple as an old battery can shut down your whole system and have you calling the professionals, resulting in unnecessary fees to your pocketbook.

Upgrade your current systems: Springtime is an ideal opportunity to invest in a new HVAC system. Because spring is defined by change, replacing your heater or air conditioner is a good way to take charge of seasonal home maintenance. The new Tax-refund, combined with Utility and Manufacture Rebates in your wallet don’t hurt either. Treat yourself with a new HVAC system to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Take a walk around the outside of your Home:  To prepare your home for spring, you should also look at some exterior features that may have been damaged during winter. Once the weather warms, take a walk around your home and check for damaged or lost shingles. The summer months can exacerbate the damage caused by a wet winter, and as any homeowner can tell you, a leaky roof is a serious matter. If you notice any damaged shingles, call a qualified roofer to repair those sections immediately. If you have the budget, the spring is also a great time to replace an entire roof.

Additionally, checking the trim around windows and doors is a good way to prepare your home for spring. Harsh weather over the past few months may have damaged the wood, which can ultimately result in costly repairs in the future. Probe the wood with a screwdriver, and repair the parts that are exposed.

Examine your Air Conditioning unit for any debris from the winter months such as leaves, garbage or even spider webs.  Spiders can actually get into the unit wreaking havoc on the internal parts.  Be sure to pull any greenery that may have overgrown away from the unit.  Ensuring your HVAC systems and exterior features are in proper working order are among the most effective ways to prepare your home for Spring. By following these tips, you will have peace of mind and be able to enjoy the warming weather.  Nobody wants to experience the breakdown of their Air Conditioner on that first hot day when there are no appointments available!!

It’s always best to work with professionals when it comes to repairing and installing any HVAC systems. At A-1 Guaranteed, we can help. Give us a call today to get started.  Be sure to ask about our USA Maintenance program.