Don’t Let the Air Inside Your Home Go Stale This Winter

Many of us are still getting used to life in the era of COVID-19. For months, we have been practicing social distancing, obsessing over the air we breathe, and going outside to escape the monotony of sheltering in place.

Things will likely get more complicated this winter as people spend more time inside. As the temperature drops, hanging out with friends outside and opening the windows may no longer be an option. We will have to get used to hanging out indoors with the heat on and the windows closed, but this can affect the air quality inside your home. Don’t let airborne dust, dirt, and bacteria circulate indoors this winter. Use these tips to keep the air as fresh as possible without letting the virus in.

Bring Additional Ventilation

If you can’t open the windows, how are you going to keep the air inside your home fresh this winter? We suggest using space heaters and electric fans to keep the air moving. If the air inside your home gets too stale, this can lead to what’s known as Sick Building Syndrome, due to a lack of ventilation. Keep the air flowing with additional fans and blowers, so the air doesn’t settle in one place.

You might also want to consider investing in what are known as Heat Recovery & Energy Recovery Ventilators. They automatically balance the air pressure inside your home by removing stale air and pulling in fresh air from the outdoors.

Inspect Your HVAC System

Dust and dirt can easily infiltrate your HVAC system, especially if it’s been a while since you peeked under the hood. Clean the area around the machine to remove excess dust and dirt. Watch out for cold spots, drafts, and leaky ducts that could gunk up the inside of your system. Change the filter inside the HVAC system on a regular basis using gloves to prevent the spread of bacteria. If you don’t feel comfortable maintaining your system on your own, call a HVAC professional for additional assistance. They can help you address specific problems in and around your home during the inspection process.

Keep Things Tidy

Your HVAC system will circulate the same air in and around your house, so it’s best to clean up as much as possible. If there’s a lot of dust, dirt, and bacteria lying around, the system will start blowing these particles around in the air, which could lead to respiratory infection and breathing problems. Clean up spills, stains, and other small messes as soon as they happen to keep dirt out of the air. Get into the habit of putting things away to give yourself more space and ventilation.

Monitor Your Surroundings

If you or someone inside your home struggles with asthma, has been infected with COVID-19, or may have trouble breathing, you might want to invest in an air quality monitor. This handheld tool will analyze the air inside your home to make sure it’s safe to breathe. If the air gets stale or dirty, you will be the first to know. Once you know you have a problem, use these tips to address issues that may lower air quality.
Winter 2020 and 2021will likely have its ups and downs, but with the right HVAC equipment, you and your loved ones can stay safe and comfortable all season long. Contact the professionals at A-1 Guaranteed to schedule an inspection today!