What You Need to Know Before Cranking Up the A/C

Summer has finally arrived, and, for many of us, that means cranking up your air conditioner. It’s probably been a while since you’ve dusted off your A/C unit, so you might be in for a surprise when you first turn it on. The longer it’s been since you’ve used your air conditioner, the less efficient it will be. This can lead to high utility bills and unexpected outages. Use these tips to make sure your HVAC system is up to the task at hand before the first heat wave arrives.

  1. Replace the Filter

It’s best to replace your air conditioning filter every three months. This is your system’s first line of defense against the spread of germs and bacteria, including those that can cause COVID-19. Replace the filter at the start of the summer to improve air quality all season long.

We suggest using a the IWave air purifier. It uses patented needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) to get rid of dust, germs, and other debris that make it harder to breathe. It’s also the recommended choice for reducing the spread of COVID-19.

A-1 Guaranteed has plenty of air filters on hand to help you improve the air quality in your home.

  1. Test It Out

Turn on the machine and listen for any strange sounds. Put your hand over the duct to make sure the air is cool. You should also keep an eye on your utility bill as you start using your unit regularly. Compare it to last year’s bill to see if the machine is getting less efficient with age.

Go around your home and inspect every duct and vent. Clean them off as best you can. You might even need to unscrew the vent covering to clean both sides. The air should be moving throughout your house. Watch out for any dead zones where the air isn’t getting through. Clear away any debris or furniture that might be blocking the air flow.

  1. Call a Technician

Consider calling an HVAC specialist even if your unit seems to be working properly. The technician will go through your unit with a fine-tooth comb, while testing and cleaning off individual parts. This is the best way to ensure your system is working as efficiently as possible.

Now’s the time to have your A/C inspected by a professional. Your local HVAC repair company in Solano, CA will likely get busy the further we get into summer. Everyone’s starting to run their machines full blast. A dirty or inefficient air conditioner is more likely to die unexpectedly than one that’s been properly maintained. You don’t want to leave your loved ones high and dry when the heat arrives. Contact the professionals at A-1 Guaranteed for a free estimate today!