How We Are Protecting Our Customers During the Pandemic

As one of the most trusted HVAC service companies in Napa County, A-1 Guaranteed is considered an essential business. While many of our neighbors remain closed, we are still open during the pandemic. Our office is closed to the public, but we are still doing house calls during this time. We know how important your HVAC system is to your home, so we are doing everything we can to stay in business during this stressful time.

The coronavirus is considered extremely contagious and can easily spread through person-to-person contact. That’s why we are going to great lengths to protect our workers and customers. At this time, we are available for all services including heating, air conditioning, solar, insulation, windows, tankless water heaters, and most importantly at this time, air purification.

The New Normal at A-1 Guaranteed

We understand the risks involved when servicing our customers in the Napa County area, but we are still here for you. When you call us to arrange an HVAC service call, we will walk you through the latest safety practices to make sure you are comfortable letting us into your home.

To comply with the latest safety regulations from the CDC and OSHA, we have had to change our approach to house calls. Take a look at our new normal:

  • All our service technicians will arrive in full personal protective gear, including face masks, hand sanitizing products, gloves, and shoe covers to prevent the spread of germs. You may want to wear a face mask as well when speaking to our team members in person.
  • The crew will practice social distancing inside the space to reduce the chances of transmission. This means all team members will stay at least six feet apart as much as possible.
  • We require that you let us know if you or one of your housemates is sick or has been infected with the virus. Our technicians may take additional precautions when entering the home.
  • We may also open a window, if possible, to better circulate the air inside your home while we are repairing your HVAC system.
  • Our technicians also need consistent access to a sink with running water while they are in your home, as they will need to wash their hands often. While our team will be wearing gloves, we will disinfect any surface that we have to touch along the way to give you more peace of mind.
  • We will never send a sick or infected worker into your home. We are always transparent about the health of our team members and we expect the same from our customers. If any of our employees gets sick or believes they may have been infected, they will not come into work.  Our technicians have no-touch thermometers on all vehicles and do daily temperature checks prior to starting their days.

We’re Here for You

We understand how challenging this time of year can be for you and your loved ones. The summer has arrived, and temperatures are heating up across California. It’s also allergy season and we are still dealing with the threat of the novel coronavirus.

We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your HVAC system, including the air inside your home, how to protect your housemates from infection, and improving the overall air quality. Feel free to contact us to learn more about these important issues.