The Cost and Health Benefits of Increasing Air Flow

It’s an age-old question that’s been plaquing homeowners since the first air conditioning unit was invented back in 1902. With temperatures rising and the COVID-19 pandemic hopefully winding down, more people will be opening their windows and cranking on their A/C units in the months to come. But both options come with their fair share of pros and cons. But when it comes to saving money and protecting yourself from the COVID-19, which is right for you?

Opening the Window

Experts tend to agree that fresh air is the best remedy against the spread of the coronavirus. Respiratory particles that spread the coronavirus tend to dissolve much faster when exposed to air from the outdoors. Opening the window is an easy, safe, effective way to prevent the virus from spreading around your home.

Opening the windows is also free. It doesn’t cost anything to let a little fresh air into your home.

However, the temperature can be unpredictable. Some of your guests may be sensitive to the heat and/or cold air, so this may not be an option for everyone.

You will also be limited by the number of windows inside your home. Try to keep your guests near the window for more ventilation. You may need to set up fans to help spread the breeze.

Turning on the A/C

Turning on the air conditioning in the summer can help you reduce the spread of the coronavirus, but it depends on the system and the environment in question. Ideally, the unit will pull fresh air from the outdoors and move it throughout your home. Your intake valve should have unlimited access to clean air. It’s also important to keep your guests away from intake vents and ducts, so they don’t accidentally breathe into your home’s air supply.

For maximum protection, you will also need to replace the A/C filter regularly to reduce the spread of dust and other airborne particles. It’s also best to install an air purifier, such as the IWave. It uses ions to instantly remove pathogens from the air, so you and your loved ones can breathe easier at home.

Turning on your unit will cost money, so you may want to use your A/C sparingly to avoid a high utility bill. If you want to rely on your air conditioning this summer, make sure it’s been inspected by a professional. Watch out for any dead zones where the air doesn’t move. Use fans to keep the clean air circulating throughout your home.

In some cases, it may be best to keep the windows open while the air conditioning unit is running, especially when entertaining guests at your home. The windows will keep the air flowing while the A/C unit providers temperature control. Consider the pros on cons of both options to stay safe all summer long. Contact the professionals at A-1 Guaranteed to learn more about increasing ventilation at home.