Take Control of Your Electricity with Solar Energy

2020 was a rough year for many of us, but it turned out to be a good year for solar energy. The International Energy Agency reports that solar energy now makes up a bigger share of all energy production compared to pre-COVID-19. Solar adoptions rates have been on the rise for years as this technology comes down in price and consumers and businesses look for ways to reduce their impact on the environment.

But the pandemic has only accelerated this trend. Find out why solar energy is having a moment.

Saving Money

Millions of people have lost their jobs over the last 12 months, including those in the entertainment, food service, and hospitality industries, and it’s not clear these jobs are coming back any time soon. The unemployment rate is now up to 15%.

For many Americans, going solar has been about saving money. Utility bills can run as high as $100 or more, especially in urban areas and remote regions with little access to electricity. To reduce their expenses, many families have decided to generate their own electricity instead.

To generate solar power, you’ll need to have a professional install a series of solar panels on the roof of your home. These panels are much less expensive than they were just a few years ago. Most homes are compatible with solar panels. The technician will find the spot where the most light comes in to help you generate as much electricity as possible. Once they’re up and running, you don’t have to worry about paying for power. The utility company may even pay you for excess electricity if you pump it back into the grid.

Solar energy has helped millions of Americans save money over the last few years. Many people are quickly taking advantage of this technology as a way of shoring up their finances during this uncertain time.

Changes in Energy Consumption

Fewer people are traveling, and more people are spending time at home. That has changed the way many people use and generate electricity all over the country. Utility companies are used to generating additional power around 6 or 7 PM when most people get home from work. That’s when people start opening the refrigerator, running the A/C or heat, watching TV, making dinner, and washing their clothes. During peak demand, utility companies often swoop in to help make sure there’s enough power to go around, often relying on natural gas and coal-generated fuel, which contribute to climate change.

Now that millions of Americans have started working from home, they aren’t using as much power at the same time. They can spread out these activities throughout the day by doing laundry in the afternoon or preparing dinner ahead of time. This reduces our dependence on big utility companies, so more people can comfortably generate their own electricity at home.

Claiming Energy Independence

There’s no denying it’s been a chaotic year. From the pandemic to major storms and rolling blackouts, many people have been living on edge over the last 12 months.

Considering how much we all depend on electricity, going solar is also about claiming your independence from the utility company and the grid. If a major storm causes a power outage or a global pandemic increases the cost of electricity, you can take control of the situation by generating your own electricity.

With everything in flux, many people have been craving some sense of autonomy. And going solar does just that. It gives people the power to control their destiny in this increasingly unpredictable world.


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