Steps for Resetting Your AC

After a power outage, your AC may need to be restarted in order for it to go back to working at its maximum efficiency – or working at all. If the air conditioner doesn’t start functioning on its own when the power to your home is restored, it doesn’t necessarily mean the unit is broken; it may just need to be reset. Here are 4 steps you should do if your AC needs to be reset after a power outage.

1. Set the Thermostat to “Off”

The first thing you should do is turn your thermostat to “off”. This stops the thermostat from asking your AC unit to send cool air. For thermostats that are battery-operated, the issue may be that the thermostat needs new batteries and that is why the AC is not working. If your thermostat is not battery operated, the next step will lead you to your breakers.

2. Reset Your Breakers

If your power went out in the event of a thunderstorm, a power surge may have overloaded the circuit that your air conditioning unit is on. Resetting a breaker that has been “tripped” is not difficult, nor is it dangerous. Find the breaker box, which is often located outside your home, in the laundry room, basement, or garage, and search for the circuit labeled “air conditioning/HVAC”. If you see the switch that is in the neutral position, this means that it is neither on nor off. Flip the switch to the right, turning the circuit off, and then back to the left, turning it back on.

3. Wait About a Half an Hour

After resetting the breaker, your air conditioning unit needs some time in order to reset the internal circuit breaker. Waiting a half an hour will give your unit the necessary time it needs to fully reset. During this time, make sure the thermostat is still turned off. If the thermostat is calling for cool air, this is not allowing the air conditioner time to reset properly.

4. Set the Thermostat to “Cool”

When you have waited the thirty minutes to give your AC time to reset, turn the thermostat to its “cool” setting and set the temperature about 5 degrees less than room temperature. Your AC unit should kick on when the thermostat requests cool air from the AC.

If you tried using the steps above to reset your air conditioning unit and found no success, contact a professional at A-1 Guaranteed so we can come look at the unit as soon as possible. There may be an issue that is best left to professionals, so to preserve not only your safety, but also the functionality of your air conditioning unit, contact our local HVAC service technicians.

For any questions or for more information to reset your air conditioner after a power outage, contact us today.