The benefits of using solar energy to power your home can’t be understated – it’s an exhaustive list of how the sun can benefit you, your family, your home, your community, and the globe. Solar energy is renewable, plentiful, and sustainable, and the cost of producing electricity this way decreases every year. There are now millions of solar installations across the country, with more being added every day.

If you’ve been contemplating going solar and are searching for solid reasons to do so, read on.

Solar Energy Means Drastic Savings

Most people are aware that solar energy saves big money when it comes to utility bills, but did you know that in many cases, electric companies will pay homeowners who use solar energy money? This is because some homeowners actually contribute energy to “the grid”, so the electric company pays them for it, instead of homeowners paying a huge bill every month.

Financial return is another major incentive for going solar. Homeowners see various amounts of money they save, depending on a variety of factors, including:

  • Local electricity rates
  • Direct hours of daily sunlight
  • The size of your solar energy system
  • Electricity consumption
  • Whether your system is leased or owned
  • The size and angle of your roof

Anyone who is looking for a way to reduce their monthly utility bills and make a long-term investment that is low-risk should contact us at A-1 Guaranteed to have a solar energy system installed. Our own office bill is only about $24.00/month, even with all of our computers and people working!

Solar Energy Increases Your Home’s Value

Just about any type of upgrade increases a home’s value, and solar energy systems are no exception. Just like renovating your kitchen or finishing your basement, installing a solar energy system will attract premium buyers who are willing to pay top dollar. In one study, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that a solar energy system increases a home’s value by an average of $15,000! While various factors (as stated previously) can impact the size of the premium, on average, solar homes sell for more than homes without these systems.

Solar Energy Works Anywhere and is Environmentally Responsible

Most locations in the United States have good solar resource – even places such as Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Just one hour of summer sun at noon is equivalent to the entire annual U.S. demand for electricity!

Each kilowatt-hour of solar power that is generated significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. These toxic emissions include sulfur oxides, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulates. In addition, solar power also reduces water consumption and withdrawal. Finally, the government provides tax breaks to solar energy system owners!

Contact us today for more information on having a new solar energy system installed, and let the savings begin!