Heat pumps are a popular, efficient way to heat your home by transferring heat into the home in the winter and out of your home during the hot summer.  However, even with the highest quality units, it’s possible for them to leak from time to time, and there are a number of factors that can contribute to the issue.

It’s no need for immediate alarm, but a leaking heat pump does need to be addressed by a heat pump repair expert. Ignoring a leak from your heat pump can lead to mold infestation, water damage in your home, and damage to the heat pump itself. Standing water within it can cause electrical issues and further breakdown, as well.

Following are some of the most common causes of heat pump leaks:

A Dirty or Frozen Evaporator Coil

The cold evaporator coil in a heat pump collects condensation from the air, draining it into a pan that then leads to another drain. When this evaporator coil gets dirty, it can cause water to drip onto the ground and malfunction.

During the summer, if refrigerant levels drop to low, ice can actually form on the coils. This not only impairs the cooling process, but it also keeps your heat pump in Contra Costa from working properly. So, what creates the leaking water with frozen evaporator coils? The puddles of water you see are caused by the ice on those coils melting, in this case.

Drain Issues

Most heat pumps use that drain pan mentioned above to collect condensation. However, should this drip pan become clogged with anything from algae to mold to debris, it might overflow and create a puddle near your heat pump. If the condensation pan is set incorrectly or the drain line gets clogged, water will overflow and cause that leak you see. Usually, your pump will automatically shut off before this happens; however, the problem will still need to be addressed by our HVAC experts in Solano before you can run your heat pump again.

A Cracked Overflow Pan

Heat pumps pull humidity out of the air as part of the cooling process – much like air conditioners. This humidity collects on the coils and drips to the overflow pain or drains. Over time, that pan could start to deteriorate or corrode, leading to it cracking. A leak you see could be caused by this cracked pan.


Addressing small issues with your heat pump in the Bay Area before they become bigger, more expensive issues is always a good idea. A-1 Guaranteed are the experts in heat pumps in the Napa area, and we can help you with any problems you may have with yours. Contact us for repair and replacement of heat pumps today!